UNC2008 News

Sponsors updated

The entire team would like to thank all of our generous sponsors. Without the contributions of these organizations, the conference would not be possible.

Speakers updated

Our speakers list has been updated with four of the outstanding speakers who will be presenting at UNC2008: Ralph Merkle, Hadi Mahabadi, Robert Wolkow, and Brian Wang. Stay tuned for further updates!

Venue and Date

The UNC2008 will be held on Saturday, March 8, 2008 at the state-of-the-art Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building in the heart of Toronto's Discovery District!

We would like to thank the University of Toronto for hosting UNC2008 at their world-class facilities.

UNC2007 gets glowing reviews

Materials Matter, the e-newsletter of the MSE Department at U of T, reports on the phenomenal success of last year's UNC conference:

“By all accounts - feedback from professors, students, and media - the conference was a great success and an even better starting point for an event dedicated to introducing nanoeducation to the broader academic community.”

Update: The conference was a great success! Check out our photos of the event - and don't forget to attend UNC2009! It's only a year away...

Undergraduate Nanotechnology Conference 2008

Building on the success of UNC2007, the Undergraduate Nanotechnology Conference 2008 (UNC2008) aims to bring together students, experts and business leaders from the various fields within the rapidly growing disciplines of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Recent media coverage and paradigm shifts in scientific focus have generated a great amount of interest in anything "nano", spawning a new breed of young scientists, engineers, and businessmen: undergraduate nanotechnologists.

The UNC2008, organized by students from the University of Toronto, aims to serve as a venue for these young minds to converge and learn more about nanotechnology, wherever their interests in this multidisciplinary field may lie. Distinguished speakers from varying backgrounds will be invited to present their take on the latest developments in their fields, workshops for smaller groups will serve to fill whatever niche attendees choose, and selected participants will also be afforded the opportunity to present their own research work to their own peers as well as to leading experts in their areas.

The UNC2008 will be an unparalleled opportunity for undergraduate nanotechnology enthusiasts to meet like-minded individuals and to discuss in a friendly, open environment their own experiences, interests and concerns with leading experts from around the world. We hope that you will join us and make yourself heard!